Jay Bozievich Fought for me


   In late August 2017, I contacted Commissioner Jay Bozievich about an issue with illegal camping. I live in a small community of about ten neighbors on a side road off of 126 near Walton. At that time my neighbors and I started seeing people setting up tents and parking on the road at a small pullout at the end of our road. After a few days, it was apparent that they were setting up a camp and my neighbor wrote to Jay about. I am retired from Lane County and was a Code Enforcement officer so I contacted Land Management and spoke with the Code Compliance person and informed that the people had purchased the property and could camp there but only for five consecutive days. My neighbors and I were concerned because they had no sanitation, no water and it was it located entirely within a protected Riparian zone, located on a Salmon spawning creek. As the day progressed more people started showing up and they started clearing the vegetation right up to the protected creek. They were running a gas powered generator, electric chainsaw, etc. and we were in a level 3 fire closure which meant NO equipment at all we could not even mow our lawns.
   At this point, I became the spokesman for our community and contacted Jay, Lane Rural Fire, ODF and several other agencies. Jay responded almost immediately and totally understood our concerns and started reaching out to the County and the other agencies to try and help us before we lost our community to fire not to mention the eyesore of having to look at this camp, the junky looking vehicles parked in the right of way. Jay contacted the County Public Works Director, Lane Rural Fire, ODF, Lane County Sheriff and several agencies attempting to get someone to stop these people before they started a fire or completely denuded the vegetation on the spawning creek. The property in question was a small sliver of land on both sides of the creek zoned F-1 and was completely inside the floodplain and was not a property where people could legally live. By this time about the second week of September, several people were living there.  They had six vehicles including a small old junky trailer and a small camper van, still with no sanitation facilities of any kind, water or anything else and even though we were in the worst fire conditions we had seen in a long time they continued to use the gas generator.
  Jay was relentless in his actions to help our community and in keeping in daily contact with us even giving me his personal number so I could call him. With so many broken codes and laws and many agencies involved nobody wanted to take the responsibility of putting a stop to it. Jay continued to contact all the agencies and people involved even visiting the site himself at one point. Even though he had a full plate with all his other duties as a Commissioner he never once relented in his actions and pursuit of a solution for us a small community of only about ten neighbors.
  Finally, in the first week of October, he got it done, and they were gone and the area was somewhat cleaned up and thanks to Jay and his concern and commitment we had our peaceful beautiful little community back. We thank Jay for his concern, help and unwavering pursuit of a solution for us.
  Will I be supporting Commissioner Bozievich in his bid for re-election; the answer is a resounding YES. He is a man of the people and no matter what or how small your concern he will always make time to listen and do everything in his power to help.  
Keith Grossman, Walton Ore.

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