A Promise Kept

I made a promise in 2010 to help make Lane County more business-friendly and help create jobs. At that time, Lane County had only 135,600 jobs and a 10.2% unemployment rate. Today, Lane County has 155,200 jobs and a 4.4% unemployment rate and the average weekly wages have increased by 7.9% and the number of businesses grew from 10,800 to 12,100 since I took office based on the most recent quarterly data available. Click on the video to hear what I promised in 2010 and I promise to keep working for family wage jobs in Lane County.

Making Lane County more business-friendly and creating job

-Helped streamline permitting process

-Established a revolving loan fund specifically to assist rural businesses

-Helped bring over 1200 jobs to west Lane County

-Lane County Employment hit an all-time high and wages reach record levels

Jake Pelroy