Since Commissioner Bozievich has taken office, the board has taken important steps to rebuild trust in Lane County Government. He has worked tirelessly to try to prioritize public safety resources, save money, improve customer service, and help bring jobs back to Lane County. Below are some of the highlights from the last few years.


Fiscal Responsibility

Lane County has used innovation and collaboration to control our internal costs over the last seven years and at the same time increased the transparency and openness of our financial activities.

Responsible financial management has allowed Lane County to balance our budget without drawing from reserves or laying of staff for Fiscal Year 17/18 while at the same time lowering the property tax rate for the Public Safety levy from the allowed $0.55/$1000 of assessed value to $0.38/$1000 of assessed value. A tax reduction of 31%!

Responsible financial management requires continuous monitoring and improvement. Taking advantage of technology and innovation to decrease costs. Looking for opportunities to work collaboratively to share costs and increase buying power. Particularly as we recover funding in some areas like transportation to assure there is accountability in the use of those new funds.